Adozioni a distanza Patenschaft für ein Kind Sponsorship for a child

Children's home
Casa dei bambini


We work in order to improve a better life for those who live in extreme poverty, disease and ignorance. We do this through making contacts with individuals, organizations, agencies, government, and people of good will, within and outside Uganda. We share the resources that we have and join hands to serve humanity.

Sponsorship for a child
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The children are directly affected in the following ways;

  • Some have no shelter,
  • others have nothing to eat or wear,
  • others often live too far from a school,
  • many adults do not consider schooling necessary because they have never attended school themselves,
  • many children have to work in the fields to earn a living or to pay school fees,
  • when the children get sick, they can’t go to the hospital, etc.

The solution:
The association is looking for support by sponsorships or donations to improve the children’s living conditions. Educating these children could certainly create a foundation to secure both their future and that of their family. The aim is to enable the children to complete their school education through personal sponsorships. With a sponsorship and a donation of 40 € per month, a child can be supported in this way. The donation can pay for school fees, school uniforms, books, pencils, pens, erasers, personal materials and a warm meal at school. Individual donations or regular donations of any amount are also welcome. With your voluntary commitment to sponsor a child, you come into direct contact with the family and the child. The children are also happy to receive personal letters and gifts from you. By this direct communication you can be sure that the money goes entirely to the child and does not flow into administration. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, you can send an email to Father Dr. Robert Mutegeki at the following address: You will then receive both the child’s details and the bank details. Thank you very much for your support.

Preventing illnesses for better health, especially HIV / AIDS prevention activities
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  • Meetings on health and prevention of HIV / AIDS in the Church, Mosque, School and Villages.
  • Sports activities (football, netball, basketball and volleyball, etc.)
  • Cultural activities (music, dance, theater) to develop self-expression and interaction between groups
  • Interreligious dialogue meetings
  • Health checks and medical support
  • Home hygiene courses

Poverty eradication activities
Support groups, families, and individuals to improve family
income creating projects and activities that generate income.
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  • Develop new methods / technologies for agro-food cultivation to improve production and save water
  • Educate groups and families on credit and savings plans. Particular attention will be given to widowers and widows.
  • Conduct seminars to optimize livestock farming methods.
  • Supporting families and groups in the management of small business activities
  • Encourage communities to launch small projects that will help them support their families.
  • Encourage women to launch micro-scale business projects.
  • Train young people to become owner of small business and highlight their skills
  • Defense and protection of the environment. Planting trees will be part of the environmental conservation program.
  • Periodic monitoring and evaluation of projects / activities to determine effectiveness and efficiency.

Access to training activities
Support for young students, orphans and vulnerable children in order to improve schooling/ education
and remove ignorance and illiteracy

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  • Identifying vulnerable orphans and children who need basic learning and more help than others. This will be done in conjunction with local government councils, with village leaders, senior citizens and religious leaders.
  • Supporting students with the necessary school materials and suitable equipment
  • Keeping sociability and health education seminars to avoid risk situations: domestic violence, alcoholism / drug use, unexpected pregnancies, early marriages.
  • Establishing scholarships to help children with skill and intelligence but economically poor to continue their schooling until their completion.
  • At distance adoption
  • Advocate for school building where missing and/or improving ones if existing
  • Finding well-trained and qualified teachers

  Butiiti Communio in Christo Initiative (BCICI)
P.O. Box 386
Butiiti Sub County, Fort Portal, Uganda