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During the Advent season from the beginning of November 2023 until the end of the year, we have launched the “Donate a light in Butiiti” fundraising campaign together with ENGONZI FÖRDERVEREIN e.V.

In most of the homes of our school sponsored children, there is usually no proper light after sunset. The families use paraffin lamps to provide a little light. Uganda is located on the equator and the sun sets around 7 pm all year round. It is therefore important to have good lighting in the houses in order to be able to live comfortably after sunset. With the donation campaign, we wanted to help the families to improve their lives. Here are a few pictures of the handover of the 30 sets of solar lamps that we purchased with donations totalling €4000. The families and especially the children were very happy about the lamps. Their homes now have enough light to continue working, learning and having a better family life after sunset.

The children were particularly enthusiastic about the extras such as the radio, a torch and the USB ports for charging mobile phones, for example. A total of 30 solar kits were distributed to the children’s families.

After distribution, these sets were installed in the houses. You can really see how bright these lamps are and can now light up one or more rooms.

This fundraising campaign was therefore a complete success and makes a big difference to the lives of the families. The lamp sets are environmentally friendly, paraffin lamps no longer need to be used and the extras offer real added value.

We would like to thank all sponsers and are delighted that together we have been able to bring light into the homes of so many children.