Last year, we bought beds for 24 sponsored children and were able to purchase solar lamp sets for the families with our Advent campaign. We now have 36 sponsored children, some of whom are supported by our partner organisation ENGONZI and others by individual sponsorships.
We are supporting one of our sponsored children's families to complete a small shop where they will sell vegetables they have grown themselves.
We have selected a family of one of our sponsored children who urgently needs a new home. Together with the ENGONZI Förderverein e.V., we have therefore decided to finance the construction of a new house
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During the Advent season from the beginning of November 2023 until the end of the year, we have launched the "Donate a light in Butiiti" fundraising campaign together with ENGONZI FÖRDERVEREIN e.V. In most of the homes of our school sponsored children, there is usually no proper light after sunset. The families use paraffin lamps to provide a little light.
Dear interested visitors, well-wishers, friends, supporters and sponsors. We would like to inform you that effective 6th October 2023, our Organisation has changed its name and Logo
Many children in Butiiti already lack simple things at home, such as a proper bed. They have to sleep on the floor only on a sheet or there is a mattress lying on the mud floor. As a result, the children often sleep badly and get sick. As a result, they miss school or are not as concentrated because they are tired.
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We received sponsorship of 30.000 Euro from the Association called “Missionskreis Region Maria Rast” from Germany.
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The support association ENGONZI FÖRDERVEREIN e.V. now officially starts its activities since […]
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This project focuses on the well-being of the child as well as his family members, the entire community and the society at large.
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Some people from Leichlingen and Langenfeld in Rhineland Germany have supported us with eye glasses and clothes.
chicken farm
This project was sponsored by anonymous well-wishers. The project was implemented in the restructured Pigsty. It started with 500 layers in March 2020.
pig farm
Between 2018 and 2019 we had a piggery project that was sponsored by Communio in Christo e.V., Mechernich, Germany.
Right at the beginning of our Organisation in 2017, as a pilot project, the community and Organisation members of BCICI mobilised themselves and sucessfully sponsored 15 children in Primary and Secondary Schools.
Since 2017, 14 children have been adopted at a distance either by individuals or groups of friends or families or Associations.