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The support association ENGONZI FÖRDERVEREIN e.V. now officially starts its activities since 19.12.2022 to support the BCICI from Germany. In the past years donations were already diligently collected. After careful consideration and deliberation, the board has decided to re-focus the original plan of a “children’s home project” in Butiiti, Uganda: on a project focused on children. This approach directly targets the growth, development and well-being of the children involved and it is more ecologically oriented. It directly supports the individual child, his or her entire family, and the Butiiti community as a whole.

After almost two years of fundraising, the association has already collected over 30,000, – Euro of the needed 300,000, – Euro for the children’s home. We are very grateful for your generous support.

However, the original idea of a children’s home would take too long to realize, would have difficulties with operating costs, and would in a sense take the child out of its family environment.

We now want to support the child where he or she is (with parents, guardians/caregivers, relatives or friends). We want to cover the children’s school and education needs until they graduate, expand sponsorship, provide start-up funding to poor families to increase their household income, make it easier for children who have to walk long distances to school to get to school (e.g. with a bicycle), renovate or rebuild small dilapidated family shelters with local materials, including solar power. A small “administration building” with a meeting room will be built, and much more. In this way, the project will not be forever dependent on foreign aid, nor will it be too costly for the association in terms of running costs. The children would also keep the feeling of belonging to the family.

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We continue to count on your tireless support and wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2023.