Many children in Butiiti already lack simple things at home, such as a proper bed. They have to sleep on the floor only on a sheet or there is a mattress lying on the mud floor. As a result, the children often sleep badly and get sick. As a result, they miss school or are not as concentrated because they are tired.

To change this situation, the ENGONZI FÖRDERVEREIN e.V. from Germany has donated money for 24 children to buy beds, mattresses, sheets and pillows. These children are already supported by Engonzi through school sponsorships. The beds were made locally and the other utensils were bought locally. At the end of September 2023, the time had come and the beds were handed over to the children and their families in a small ceremony. Afterwards, the bed parts were transported to the houses on motorbikes and set up there.

Now the children finally have a good place to sleep, can go to school well-rested and don’t get sick as often. A good and big change in the children’s lives. We sincerely thank the sponsors in this project, also in the name of the 24 children