school children
We received sponsorship of 30.000 Euro from the Association called “Missionskreis Region Maria Rast” from Germany.
children uganda
The support association ENGONZI FÖRDERVEREIN e.V. now officially starts its activities since […]
children in need
This project focuses on the well-being of the child as well as his family members, the entire community and the society at large.
clothes donation
Some people from Leichlingen and Langenfeld in Rhineland Germany have supported us with eye glasses and clothes.
chicken farm
This project was sponsored by anonymous well-wishers. The project was implemented in the restructured Pigsty. It started with 500 layers in March 2020.
pig farm
Between 2018 and 2019 we had a piggery project that was sponsored by Communio in Christo e.V., Mechernich, Germany.
Right at the beginning of our Organisation in 2017, as a pilot project, the community and Organisation members of BCICI mobilised themselves and sucessfully sponsored 15 children in Primary and Secondary Schools.
Since 2017, 14 children have been adopted at a distance either by individuals or groups of friends or families or Associations.